Das Fletzinger

A house with tradition & history

From brewery to hotel

The Hotel Fletzinger can look back on a long history. Originally, there was a brewery in the building area, which was founded in 1693 by an ancestor of Maximilian Fletzinger (also Flötzinger). He in turn probably stemmed from Georg Flötzinger’s family from Ramerberg, who gave the Rosenheim brewery – which still exists today – its name.

In 1851, the Fletzinger brewery was one of 15 breweries in Wasserburg; by 1914, there were only 7 in total. It produced the beer varieties “Export hell und dunkel” and the “Fletzinger Pils”.

However, the building of the current hotel was used in earlier times not only for the brewery, there were at that time already some rooms and an inn, where you could eat traditional food. At the beginning of the 20th century, the hotel was still called “Gasthof zum Fletzingerbräu” or “Gasthof Zur Post”. The building also housed the post office and a horse stable – which was located where the hotel bar is now. Horses were exchanged there and the regular mail ran on its way from Munich.

The last brewery in Wasserburg

In 1970, Clement Stechl took over the brewery and hotel from his father Dr Albert Stechl. The descendant of a former Clement Stechl from the Fletzinger’s line completely rebuilt and expanded the hotel business in 1986. Stechl continued to run the brewery until 1994. It was the last still active brewery in Wasserburg. Unfortunately, it was no longer possible to meet the increased competitive requirements, as operations could no longer be rationalised due to the lack of space. Stechl therefore decided to close the traditional brewery for good after more than 300 years.

Clement Stechl continued to run the rest of the business until 1997, when he decided to lease out the inn and hotel. Various tenants were allowed to call this part of the building their own between 1997 and 2011. In 2011, Stechl then made the difficult decision to sell a large part of the building area to a Rosenheim real estate company and to keep only a small part of it.

This news made the rounds in the region. Many residents feared that the building might have to make way for a modern residential complex or similar. However, it wasn’t long before a new owner was found for the Fletzinger site: the Steinbacher family of restaurateurs from Vogtareuth. She realised her dream, bought the hotel from the company in 2013 and, with a lot of passion and enthusiasm, created the hotel as it is today.

Das Fletzinger

The daughter of the family, Anna Maria Steinbacher, took over the hotel management in 2014 at the age of just 20. Anna grew up in Vogtareuth, where her parents run the Vogtareuther Hof. After school, she did a basic vocational school year in gastronomy and, because of her passion for cooking, then an apprenticeship as a cook at the Gocklwirt on Lake Simssee. When she completed this with great success, the world was open to her. She moved into star gastronomy with the ‘Obauer’ brothers in Werfen, south of Salzburg. At the age of just 19, she starts working as an entremetier at `Heinz Winkler’ in Aschau in Chiemgau. Only two years later, she was able to call herself hotel manager in Wasserburg and has been running the hotel with a lot of discipline, determination and charm ever since.

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